Thursday , February 21 2019

Mammootty extends his strong support to Sanusha through his response..Sanusha handling the physical abuse effort single-handedly is just awesome!!

Sanusha and Mammooty

The trending news is about the young actress, Sanusha, who had to face an attempt of humiliation and physical abuse in the cover of darkness when she was travelling by the Maveli Express the other day.
Sanusha is receiving widespread support and appreciation for the courage she had donned in protesting against the abuse single-handedly. She did not hesitate a moment to hand over the accused, Anto Bose from Tamil Nadu, to the police.

The incident took place in the night time when Sanusha was sleeping in the Maveli Express train, which was heading towards Thiruvananthapuram from Kannur. Anto Bose, who was in the adjacent berth, tried to touch and pamper Sanusha’s lips with his hands. The actress, who woke up shocked, held the man’s hand tightly, protested hard, put on the lights and shouted loud.

Unfortunately, majority of the passengers who were present there neither intruded into the matter nor extended any sort of help to the actress. Even then, Sanusha held on alone in the situation, and congratulating her bravery, mega star, Mammootty, has now come forward with his supporting response.
Mammootty complimented Sanusha for the courage and presence of mind she displayed during the adverse situation and added that she has become a role model to other young girls through her deeds. He further commented that Sanusha has become the pride of Malayalees through her uncompromising stand of bringing the matter into light by getting the culprit arrested.

This incident is latest in the row of big and small sexual abuses against actresses in recent times, including the horrible case of the actress attack case in Kochi.

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