Thursday , February 21 2019

Mammootty shocked on hearing about the threat against Prithviraj!

Prithviraj requests help from Mammootty..
prithviraj requested to mammootty

The favourite actor of Malayalees, Prithviraj, is in deep grief nowadays. His upcoming film, Vimaanam by Pradeep is getting ready for release. At this time, there are some moves against the star through the social media. He is attacked publicly and secretively through various social media networks and, he is also subjected to negative criticisms and gossips.

One section of these people have called out to ban watching his films. This has made him utterly sad. Prithviraj is the actor who was noted as he had taken a firm stand and extended his full fledged support to the actress in the actress attack case. He had a distinct opinion, which was powerful enough to influence the joint decision of the film body, AMMA, as well. The media and eminent personalities, even from outside the film arena, had come forth supporting his views and praising his stand then. The society even hailed him as a man with a backbone and also termed him as an individual with a strong personality and individuality.

However, this incident had also earned him the enmity of a section of people. Reports state that this has led to a widespread misunderstanding and rivalry in the minds of Dileep, who is accused in the actress arrack case, and his fans. Following this incident, his personal Facebook page and the official page of his cinemas have been subjected to abusive and offensive words and high-end protests. However, the truth remains that the majority of these attackers came from fake accounts.

Latest reports state that Prithviraj has met Mammootty personally and requested the help and support of Mammootty to fight against the trending sensation in the social media trying to isolate him. It is told that there are efforts to hold back Prithviraj’s films by getting down to the level of influencing the distributors and theatre owners, it seems. This matter has also been discussed in his meeting with Mammootty, as per sources. Mammootty flared up on hearing this and commented angrily that it was such people who were destroying the sanctity of Malayalam cinema, and also added that these people are digging their own graves. Mammootty thereafter assured Prithviraj that he would call out for an emergency meeting of AMMA, and discuss the matter with utmost importance. Anyway, only Malayalam cinema would have this rare phenomenon of fans and actors pulling the legs of one another and trying to put down one another’s cinema.

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