Thursday , February 21 2019

“Thank you Mammookka! These words of yours are more than enough for me to go on for the rest of my life!”

Mammootty surprises everyone as Kalidas’ ‘Poomaram’ is nearing its release!!
mammootty with Kalidas jayaram

Kalidas Jayaram, son of the popular actor Jayaram, received an unexpected phone call from the very Mammootty, the other day. At first Kalidas doubted whether it was really Mammootty himself or someone was pranking on him. However, seeing the fancy number, he thought it might be Mammootty anyway. After listening to two or three lines, he realised that it was the great man himself. After that, Kalidas says, that he was in an other world of fantasy. Mammootty motivated and inspired Kalidas with his reassuring words. He told that he understands how it feels when an actor has to wait for than a year for his debut film to hit the theatres. Kalidas says that he felt as if he had a good counselling session after the conversation. He says that those soothing words of Mammootty are enough for him to go on with confidence. Kalidas says that he was very excited when he informed his mother and friends about Mammootty’s phone call.

Kalidas Jayaram is playing the lead role in Poomaram, the film directed by Abrid Shine after his Action Hero Biju. The film is getting ready to be released soon. Poomaram would hit the theatres on December 24th this year. Poomaram is a campus story shot in Maharajas College, Ernakulam. Other than Kalidas, the film has Kunjakko Boban, Manju Warrier and Meera Jasmine and so on.

The film which began on September 2016 is getting released on December 24, 2017, after a gap of precisely one year and three months. There are lot of expectations for the film. There wouldn’t be any Malayali who hasn’t hummed the popular song of the movie “ Njanum Njanum Entaallum..” This song has already become a rage among youngsters. It is expected that the popularity of this song would prove an additional boost to the success of Poomaram.

Now that Malayalam film has shifted its focus to new generation films as well, who among the youth stars is your favourite?
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