Wednesday , May 22 2019

Mammootty’s stunning views on Santosh Pandit..Anyone would be shocked to hear Mammootty’s words!

Mammootty's stunning views on Santhosh pandit

Santosh Pandit, who rose to fame through the social media has gained lot of acclaim in recent times. However, when the man Mammootty himself compliments Santosh Pandit, he can do nothing but feel thrilled and modest. It was Santosh himself who publicised this matter. Mammootty commented that Santosh is a master brain who reaps thirty five lakhs after merely investing five lakhs.

Santosh met Mammootty for the first time on the sets of Masterpiece, the upcoming Mammootty film directed by Ajay Vasudev. Santosh Pandit is portraying the role of a comic college canteen manager in the movie. Initially, Santosh was a little embarrassed on the sets and sat aloof. It was Mammootty who called near him through a person. The mega star asked Santosh why he was sitting aloof to which he replied that it was owing to fear and nervousness. To this, Mammootty probed him further by asking him why he was nervous. This was revealed by Santosh himself. He adds that he actually sat detached in the set because he had heard a lot about Mammootty and his temper. He says that in reality, it was Mammootty who treated him with utmost consideration on the sets.

Mammootty with Santhosh pandit in masterpiece movie

Mammootty told him excitedly that he was a fan of Santosh as he is a brain wizard who makes thirty five lakhs by merely investing five lakhs. Santosh claims that it was for the first time that he received such a noble compliment from someone. Mammootty also adds that people who aren’t even aware why there is clap in films are the ones who go on to criticise Santosh. Let them go and do their chores instead. However, after this, the Mammootty fans seem to have adopted Santosh.

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