Sunday , December 16 2018

Mammootty’s stunning response when he was asked why he promoted the trailer of Parvathy’s film


“Mammookka, you shouldn’t have done this to us!” This the present woe of staunch Mammootty fans. The reason is that Parvathy, who exposed the anti-women trait in the film ‘Kasaba,’ has been labelled as the static enemy of Mammootty for this reason by some people.

However, Mammootty, leaving all the hero adulation beyond the threshold, has created history by launching the trailer of Parvathy’s upcoming film, ‘My Story’ through his Facebook page. Now this had provoked and embarrassed the ardent fans of the mega star and his Facebook page is filled with aggressive comments and dislike towards this act of Mammootty.

Comments like “Mammookka, now even if you directly come and speak for her, we would chase her film away.” Comments like these, verbally abusing Parvathy, and also protests against Mammootty’s act are filling the pages of the star minute by minute.

There are some positive comments as well. “You are a man with an unbending backbone. However, insensitive fans are your curse.”

For those who came up with agitations, Mammootty had come up personally with his response, according to a popular news portal.

“Cinema is not something to be let down on the mere basis of a media-hyped controversy. Cinema is the outcome of the joint efforts and expectations of many. Anyone has the liberty to express his/her opinion after watching a movie. Criticisms would be definitely handled and responded, in the name of this, isolating someone and image assassination of an artist cannot be tolerated. That’s not my way.” Mammootty seems to have taken a firm stand in this.
People from the cinema itself are of the opinion that the ethics and sanctity of the social media are in the clutches of the ‘so-called’ fans, who never resort to an after thought before marring the image of an artist.

Anyway, it is being pointed out that putting down and isolating a blessed actress like Parvathy is not right and it is like placing the film arena in a precarious level.
The social media activists must have never expected Mammootty to come out with strong support to the Prithviraj-Parvathy starrer film, ‘My Story.’

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