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Mammootty’s voice choked in grief.. Dulquer teary-eyed.. The untoward incident that shook the stars!


It is said that a person becomes a true human when he considers and loves co-beings unconditionally, regardless of their status and position in the society. If this is true, mega star Mammootty and the young superstar, Dulquer would be the two stars with the highest degree of humanitarian values in the Malayalam film industry.

The other day, in an unfortunate bike accident in Mattannur, which claimed the life of Harshad P. K., son of Abu Bakr of Muzhippilangad. Both Mammootty and Dulquer, on hearing this, took onto the social media and posted condolences and loving tribute to the deceased on their respective Facebook pages. These posts have now become viral in the social media.

Harshad P. K was the President of the Dulquer fans association of the Kannur district. He was a budding political and a social worker as well. Not only that, Harshad was a youngster full of goodness and bubbling with life. He had a wide circle of friends and acquaintances as well.

Harshad used to write posts on Mammootty and Dulquer routinely in the social media network. Moreover, he was in the fore front in creating a large group of friends and youth collective too.

Harshad had got the opportunity to interact closely with Mammootty when the star had visited Kannur once. Mammootty, in his condolence post, shared the fond memories of their time together. Mammootty remembers the agile youngster, Harshad P. K., when he met him in Kochi. Mammootty grieves the demise of the youngster by saying that a throbbing young man had to end his journey before time.

Dulquer, in his message, remembers Harshad as a dear friend of his, who, just like his family member, stood strongly by him and always went ahead to write posts on him in the social media. DQ adds that the news of Harshad’s death has brought him to the verge of tears.

Mammootty and Dulquer have daringly revealed that the excitement and support of young fans like Harshad is one important aspect that helps the actors sustain themselves as stars and superstars on the silver screen. The public acceptance of this fact from the side of Mammootty and Dulquer is something commendable.

Let us also share our condolences towards this young man, who held cinema very close to his heart. You can comment below this article.

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