Wednesday , July 24 2019

Did you know this? Mammootty and Dileep have decided to go on with it..

Now these stars are going to create a blast!!
Mammootty and Dileep acting in one film

We are going to reveal a superb and breaking news, which would thrill and excite the Mammootty and Dileep fans alike. A universal film starring Mega Star Mammootty and the Popular Actor Dileep would soon turn into a reality. Sources state that the final discussion on the project is already done, and both, Mammootty and Dileep have already expressed their consents for the project.

The hit maker and star producer, Tomichan Mulakupadam, would be producing this grand film. There is no clarity on the information yet as to who would be the director of the movie or what would be the genre of the film.

However, rumours state that the Sachu, the scriptwriter of Dileep’s hit movie, Ramleela, would be developing the script for this movie as well. Moreover, reports say that the scriptwriting has already begun for this movie which would bring together Mammootty and Dileep. There have been many movies before where Mammootty and Dileep have acted together. These movies have been widely accepted by the audience so far. ‘Proprietors Kammath and Kammath,’ released in 2013, is the last film in which both the actors have acted together.

Anyway, it is expected that this would be a blast movie, which would bring in an enthralling fiesta for the fans of both Mammootty and Dileep. It is estimated that this dual star film would provide great relief to Dileep as he was quite isolated after being accused in the actress attack case.

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