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Masterpiece Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Mammootty | Unni Mukundan

A mass entertainer bigger than this only in dreams..

Masterpiece malayalam movie review & rating

The magnanimous film of Mammootty, Masterpiece, has been released.

It was a day of extravagant fun for the Mammootty fans today as they celebrated the release with music, dance, fun, and frolic. This time, Mammootty has come with enough arrangements to make the Christmas of 2017 a grand one. Masterpiece, which is a crime thriller set in the background of a campus, is enriched with powerful action and fight scenes. The prominent feature of this film is that the story line of the film progresses without a tinge of lag or boredom to the viewers. Mammootty impresses the viewers as Eddy, Edward Livingstone, who takes charge as the Assistant English Professor in a notorious government college named, Travancore Maharajas College. Mammootty has excelled as Eddy with his style performance.

The director of the film has taken special care to celebrate and create a festive ambience to Mammootty, who arrives a little late into scenes. The festivity begins at the entry of Mammootty and lasts till the end of the film. A little lag is experienced only in the scenes before the entry of Mammootty. Don’t expect an expert story or outstanding acting moments in the movie. You can celebrate the film if you enjoy the same in the mood of a vacation. Undoubtedly, the fit and dashing Mammootty, who appears in a variety style of hair fix, is the main attraction of the film. All the others can only be termed as supporting characters.


The real story of the film begins when a girl’s corpse is found within the college campus. The film progresses through unbelievable but exciting scenes. Other than Mammootty, the film has a long star cast of Mukesh, Unni Mukundan, Santhosh Pandit, Kalabhavan Shajon, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Poonam Bajwa, Lena and so on. It is needed to say that the film has unnecessary scenes, which are not need for the story plot. Deepak Dev has composed the music of Masterpiece, which is directed by Ajay Vasudev and written by Uday Krishna. The cinematography is by Vinod Illamppally and the editing is accomplished by Johnkutty.
Film Magazine gives the rating of 3/5 for the Christmas festive film, Masterpiece.
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