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Mayanadhi Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Tovino Thomas | Aishwarya Lakshmi | Aashique Abu

Mayanadhi Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

Mayanadhi, the film directed by Aashique Abu, has Tovino Thomas and Aishwarya Lekshmi in the lead roles. Shyam Pushkaran and Dileesh Nair have partnered in the screenplay of the film. The trailer and songs of the film were clearly depicting of what kind of a film this would be. Mathan and Aparna are the central characters in the film.

The film initially shows the life of Mathan in Tamil Nadu. He gets along there with some petty jobs. Some unexpected incidents happen afterwards. Then the film takes us to the life of Aparna. Though she has lots of aspirations, she has to struggle and proceed through her life. The stories of the lives of other people associated with Mathan and Aparna are also shown. The film has a slow moving story. Though the film mainly portrays the love between Mathan and Aparna, the director has been successful in making the viewers anxious about what would happen to their love story from the start itself. This is told through the happenings associated with the main plot as well.

Tovino is the highlight of the movie. He has characterised Mathan very well on screen. The portrayal of a lovelorn person, inculcating changes as per the changes in the situations, has been done very convincingly. The heroine of the film, Aishwarya, has also given a good performance. The combination scenes of Mathan and Aparna enrich the film. The scenes of Basil and Lijo were also interesting. The scenes of Aparna and her mother, and also, Aparna with her friends are quite humorous and do provide stuff to laugh.

The background music and camera are superb. The film is able to communicate its feel very well. The song ‘Uyirin Nadhiye..’ is super hit. Though the film is portrayed very realistically, the lack of a strong story base bores the viewers. Even though the feel of the film is retained all through, this lag can affect the film adversely. The film tries to convey more than the story. Loss of freedom, the reflections of one’s past in his behaviour and so on.. the director tries to tell these through the present state and conversations between man and woman.

If you loved watching the trailer and songs of the film, you will not be disappointed watching this film. Aashique Abu’s direction is good. Except for a slight lag, the film has good components of love and some sub stories as well. The dialogues between Mathan and Aparna in a prominent section of the movie are noteworthy.

A good performance from Tovino-Aishwarya team. A very realistic love story. The film provides some interesting moments to the audience. So overall, this film wouldn’t be disappointing to watch.
The rating for Mayanadhi is 3.25/5

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