Tuesday , September 17 2019

“Me -Too is a fad” said MohanLal

Molly wood’s own MohanLal called the me-too movement as a mere fad. He disclosed his ideas about ‘me too’ in a press conference in Dubai.

According to him it is only a trend and is not a movement at all. He also commented that when compared to the other film industries the problems faced by the actresses especially the sexual abusement is very less in Molly wood
He also claimed that these me too stories are not only relates to the lives of women but also men too will have me too stories to recount.

The press conference was conducted in connection with the launching of Onnanu Nammal, a charity fund raising programme.

MohanLal is the current president of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists. All the film loves especially Malayalees expect that under Mohanlal’s leadership AMMA will regain it old prestige and reputation soon.

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