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Mohanlal and Dulquer are the costliest stars of India.. Their shockingly high income revealed..

Mohanlal and Dulquer gifts proud moments to Malayalees!!
Mohanlal and Dulquer Salmaan included in the top 100 Stars in India by Forbes Magazine

When Forbes magazine brought out the astounding list of the 100 most highly paid stars in India, Mohanlal and Dulquer Salman were the only two stars in Malayalam who could find their places in the list.

Mohanlal’s annual income is around 11 crores, and he is in the 73rd position in the celebrity list. Dulquer is in the 79th position with an annual income of 9.28 crores. The Bollywood muscleman Salman Khan tops the list with an annual income of 233 crores. Shah Rukh Khan, with the annual income of 170 crores is second in the list and cricket sensation, Virat Kohli is in the third position with an annual earning of 100 crores.

The Telugu superstar, Allu Arjun, is in the 81st position. Cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar, is also in the list. Priyanka Chopra is the only female among the top ten celebrities with a whopping annual income of 68 crores. The star director, S. S. Rajamouli is in the 15th position, with an annual income of 55 crores, thus, leaving behind the Baahubali star, Prabhas, who is in the 22nd position.

Tamil superstar Suriya is in the 25th position with an annual income of 34 crores. Another Tamil superstar Ajith is in the 27th position, while Vijay is in the 31st position. With an annual income of 14 crores, Vijay Sethupathy is in the 54th position.

On precise study, it can be seen that Mohanlal has marked an increase of 147% in his star value, while it is 114% for Dulquer Salman. It is notable that no other stars from the Malayalam film industry could make themselves to the celebrity list of top 100. It us predicted that Mohanlal, who has always maintained his consistency in acting, would come within the first 25 names in the list next year as he has signed up several projects attracting national attention. Mohanlal is the only actor from Malayalam films, who has always found a place of himself among the first 100 in the celebrity list brought out by the Forbes Magazine every year.

How do you observe and rate this 57-year old actor, who has been maintaining his star value in its all glory and shine?
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for watching the complete list of 2017 Celebrity 100 by Forbes India Magazine: Click Here

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