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Mohanlal in Apollo Hospital Chennai

The Apollo Hospital in Chennai recently witnessed a surprising scene. The Malayali members of the hospital staff, including the patients and other people, were shocked for a moment when they saw a bearded individual standing in the OP queue of the Cardiology Department. That was none other than Mohanlal, the great actor! Shocked at seeing the star there, many approached him and initially enquired whether Lalettan had any cardiac issues. Though they did not get any solid response on the query, the fact is that the hospital authorities were aware of the reality of the celebrity visit.

The real reason behind the superstar’s visit was to get himself a thorough full body check-up before he gets into the strenuous exercising and activities required for the actor to get into the shape of young Manikyan in the much-awaited Mohanlal visual extravaganza, Odiyan. A strong and full functioning heart is an inevitable factor in the full body check-up. Mohanlal was in the hospital for a complete cardiac examination before he could take up the workout for the transformation.

This medical examination was done as a part of Mohanlal’s strenuous effort to transform himself into the shape of a young Manickyan. He aims at losing around 15 Kgs and getting a complete makeover done for the role. After spending some time as the esteemed guest of the hospital, the superstar went off from there. Reports claim that Mohanlal has already begun the rigid exercising routine for transforming himself into Odiyan.

Among Mohanlal’s adventurous and action movies, the action oriented scene of which movie has appealed to you the most?
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