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Mohanlal Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Sajid Yahiya | Manju Warrier, Indrajith Sukumaran


Among the Vishu, films released, the film ‘Mohanlal’ has been noted for its many unique features. Even before, Malayalam films have witnessed films made on hero worship and fans adulation. However, this is the first time that a film is made on a living actor, showcasing his films and career as well.

When rated as a film, this film has rendered only an average performance. However, for a Mohanlal fan, this film would be nothing lesser than superb. Therefore, both these factors need to be considered while reviewing this film.

Those who adore Mohanlal and his films and also love watching light hearted films can surely go ahead and enjoy this film.

‘Mohanlal’ is a film which brilliantly banks on the craze and adulation that Malayalee viewers have towards Mohanlal for some years.

When the film is played before a full audience, it is evident that the motive of the makers of the film is materialised.

Meenakshi aka Meenukutty is the heroine of the film. She happens to be born on 1980, the same year when Mohanlal’s first film ‘Manjil Virinja Poovu’ was released. Meenakshi had a childhood where she learned to write ‘Mohanlal’ along with the first letters of her life. The biggest passion of Meenakshi is Mohanlal and his films alone.

When it comes to Mohanlal, Meenakshi is a little overboard. Manju Warrier has presented this kind of a role in the film. Though Manju is alleged of overacting in certain places in the film, it can be seen that the character demands a little hyped up acting in the film.

Meenakshi is never tired watching Mohanlal films, and her hero worship is so strong that she cuts a photo of her favourite actor and places it along with the photos of God. Indrajith has handled the role of Sethumadhavan, the husband of Meenakshi in a very mature way.

The film takes off with the commentary of Prithviraj. The cinema begins at a railway station where only local trains stop and other times it is deserted. Sethumadhavan, portrayed by Indrajith, is seen coming to this railway station at midnight with some mysterious motive. Soubin Shahir and a dog are the only souls there. The character of Soubin in the film is a strange one. The film unfurls the life of Meenakshi as Sethumadhavan narrates his life story to Soubin Shahir’s character at a point.

The climax of the film happens soon after Sethumadhavan finishes his life saga.
Performance wise, this film is only average. However, this film has to rated on the basis of the Mohanlal films and its nostalgic awakening in the film. Not only this, the story of the film develops into a cinema on Mohanlal. The situations in the film are based on this and they are blended into the film as it progresses. That’s why many scenes and characters seem an extra fitting in the film.

The film showcases the life of Meenukutty from birth to 38 years of age. Many artists perform the role of Meenukutty in various stages. All the artists have performed their roles in a commendable way.

Salim Kumar as Sathan Jose has presented his character in a very interesting way. At the same time, Aju Varghese as Aluva Aamod has given an average performance only.
Hareesh Kanaran, Siddique, KPAC Lalitha, Sreejith Ravi, Balachandran Chullikkadu and many more have contributed in the film.

Sajid Yahiya, an actor as well, has written and directed the film. The direction stands average without any sort of freshness or innovation. The cinematography of the film by Shaji Kumar is notable.

The songs of the film are composed by Tony Joseph. The songs are really good. The background score is done by Prakash Alex. The song ‘La La Laletta’ has already become hit and viral among masses. This song undoubtedly presents a positive energy to the film.

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