Wednesday , May 22 2019

Mohanlal reveals as to how he became the Lieutenant Colonel..


It has been some days since Mohanlal acquired the post of Lieutenant Colonel in the territorial army. There has been an increase of around 40% of youngsters aspiring to join army since Mohanlal became the goodwill ambassador of the army and gained the position of a Lieutenant Colonel in the territorial army.

There has been widespread criticism on social media and so stating that Mohanlal got the position of Lieutenant Colonel in the army as he had acted as an army man in several movies. Critics move on to say that anyone can become a Lieutenant Colonel in the army if he or she acts as army personnel in movies. Now that’s not the reality. Just become a person acted in a couple of army oriented films, he wouldn’t be made the Lieutenant Colonel and goodwill ambassador of the army. This is stated by none other than Mohanlal, who has come out to defend himself and put an end to the rumours.

To an interview permitted to a popular publication, Mohanlal states that the army and army men had fascinated him since childhood and he always had the undying desire to join army. His quest the serve the army in some possible way ended as he landed into the territorial army, the second line of defence in the regular Indian army. I was appointed as the Lieutenant Colonel of the army after staunch investigations on me, and also, several rounds of discussion, says Mohanlal. Mohanlal shuts the mouths of his critics with these words. There was news that Mohanlal was appointed as the goodwill ambassador of the territorial army as he is much adored by the youngsters, and he could thereby, create a highly positive impact among them.

The position of Lieutenant Colonel is undoubtedly a golden feather on the cap of the actor, Mohanlal. Mohanlal points out that this privileged position has been constantly reminding him his duties and responsibilities towards the society as well as the nation.

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