Sunday , December 16 2018

Mohanlal reveals as to what all he had to undergo during his regime to get back his youthful look!

Mohanlal’s shocking revelation on the hazards and struggles of his 51-day fitness regime..
Mohanlal in youth look for odiyan manikyan transformation

The very own Mohanlal is now opening up on the 51-day strenuous training that he had undergone to get a transformed, youthful look. The training experts from France, who are acclaimed of training Hollywood stars and globally-accepted sportspersons, and help them attain fitness, had flown down to train Mohanlal. The expert team comprises of 25 health professionals. Before taking up the regime with the team, it is needed to confirm that we have no health issues. It was for this that Mohanlal had visited the Apollo Hospital in Chennai for his cardio check-up and other routine tests.

Every day the training regime would go on for 6-8 hours at a stretch. The diet as well as the eating time had been decided by them. Cooked and boiled food was rarely served. Specially designed technologically advanced fitness equipment was used. Other practices like yoga and meditation were also included. Ten hours of sleep was strictly advised. The training was done on a completely scientific manner by monitoring the pulse rate, blood pressure and heart functions on a regular basis. The training demanded the complete dedication of the mind and body.

Lalettan says that he had cooperated with the team in his best possible manner. Mohanlal revealed these details when he was talking to a prominent media personnel. Though this challenging training regime was undertaken to change his look for portraying the youth of Odiyan Manickyan, Mohanlal has not stopped the training yet. He says that he would continue the training regime aiming at his next 1000-crore universal film, Randamoozham. This training might go on at least till the shooting of Randamoozham commences.

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