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Mohanlal visits Mammootty’s house. . Mammootty gives a superb comment on Mohanlal’s dashing new look. This is how Mammootty welcomed Mohanlal and family to his house..


Pranav Mohanlal’s debut film ‘Aadhi’ is bound to release in a few days. Mammootty’s post on Facebook wishing Pranav his best for the film has become the talk of the tinsel town now. The other day Mohanlal visited the house of Mammootty with his whole family. This has become big news and is making rounds in film circles presently. Considering the fact that Pranav Mohanlal’s debut film ‘Aadhi’ would hit theatres soon, this meeting of the two of the greatest charioteers and star kings of Malayalam film industry is seen with great significance.

Mammootty was, in fact, meeting Mohanlal for the first time in person post makeover. Reports state that Mammootty glanced through Mohanlal top to toe and complimented him on his look. Mammootty also enquired about the details of the training program that Mohanlal had taken.

This is what is claimed to have been told by Mammootty after seeing the dashing look of Mohanlal. “You have to be appreciated Lalu. Commendable. The audience would definitely be shocked to watch you on screen in this look. Now it is confusing as to who is younger. Appu or you? You have proved that anything is possible if you have will power.”

Mammootty also gave advice to Pranav, who is lovingly called Appu, in his distinct style. It seems both the actors, who are the members of the film body, AMMA, had serious discussions on the same. They even seemed to have talked to Innocent over phone. It seems that there were some close relatives of Mammootty in his house, who had gathered at the mega star’s house to meet Mohanlal. They were busy fetching autographs and capturing selfies with Mohanlal and Pranav. Pranav also shared his first acting experience as a hero with Mammootty. Anyway, even in Mammootty’s house, it was Mohanlal’s makeover that stole the show. “Laletta, how did you transform into this look?” This was what all wanted to know.

In the films in which Mammootty and Mohanlal have acted together, which is the film that has attracted you the most?
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