Friday , August 23 2019

Mohanlal’s revelation about the stunning action film ‘Neerali’ being shot in Mumbai!

Mohanlal in Neerali Movie

The first look poster of his upcoming film ‘Neerali’ brought out by Mohanlal through his posts in Facebook and Twitter, has become viral in social media now. Mohanlal had consented to act in this action thriller film directed by Ajoy Varma, after being highly impressed by the story of the film. The thrilling action sequences, which have never been witnessed by Malayalam films, and the powerful script of the film would make the film a great hit among the masses, reports say.

Mohanlal, along with the director of the film, Ajoy Varma, was talking to the reporter of a famous film magazine on the sets of the film, Neerali. He also spoke on some interesting facts of the film. He said “I’m very excited about acting in this film. This film, Neerali is a truly thrilling experience with adventurous action sequences and fights seldom seen in Malayalam films. Even on sets, we are enjoying the experience.” Lalettan reveals that this film is about the adventurous journey a person has to undertake in mysterious circumstances and as a result, comes face to face with death almost every time. Mohanlal also hints that the film is a road movie. Fans describe this movie as the ‘manickyam’ (gem) they got while waiting for Mohanlal’s Odiyan.

Not only this, the film is one of the rare films that Mohanlal had confidently consented after listening to the story of the film. He seems to be immensely thrilled by the plot of the movie.
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