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Mohanlal’s tremendous response to the question who will be Kunjali Marakkar!

Lalettan opens up whether it is Mammootty or Mohanlal..
Kunjai Marakkar - Mammootty or Mohanlal?

The name of Kunjali Marakkar has been scripted in golden words in the history of Kerala. Any actor would consider it as his ultimate luck if he gets a chance to portray the character of the great historic hero in films. In the history of Malayalam films, there has been no role for which this much of competition is taking place. It is interesting to note that knowingly or unknowingly, this sort of vying is taking place between Mohanlal and Mammootty.

The audience and film lovers are flabbergasted with reports that state that Sangeeth Sivan is coming up with Mammootty as Kunjali Marakkar and Priyadarshan is coming up with Mohanlal as Kunjali Marakkar. There has been an anxiety whether there’d be two Kunjali Marakkars to watch.

The Kunjali Marakkar from the team Mammootty – Sangeeth Sivan team is in the pre production stage whereas the Kunjali Marakkar of Priyadarshan -Mohanlal team was proposed to begin in 2018. Priyadarshan had planned to start the work of Kunjali Marakkar only after the completion of the two Bollywood projects he had undertaken. Priyadarshan had mentioned about the role to Mohanlal as well. However, there has been no official declaration about the same.

The information about Mammootty’s Kunjali Marakkar had been acquired only after this. When Priyadarshan came to know about this, he deserted his plot of Kunjali Marakkar as he felt that Malayalam cinema does not require two Kunjali Marakkars. Following this, Lalettan has also reacted on the matter. He said, “It is true that Priyan had mentioned about his plan to make a cinema based on the life of Kunjali Marakkar. However, neither Priyan nor I had the time to discuss about the project beyond that. In fact, I hadn’t even decided to act in it. Therefore, Kunjali Marakkar is not my project. If Sangeeth Sivan is working on the project, there’s no need for any confusion.” These genuine words of Mohanlal has put an end to the Kunjali Marakkar controversy. Moreover, it is confirmed that Mammootty would play the role of Kunjali Marakkar. Let’s await to watch Mammootty as Kunjali Marakkar on screen alongside Mohanlal’s Bheem.

What are your expectation as viewers when Mammootty transforms into the character of Kunjali Marakkar?
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