Friday , August 23 2019

“My mother agreed when I pleaded before her..” Meenakshi shocks again!!

Meenakshi and Manju Warrier involved in Dileep's jail release

When Dileep was arrested and put in jail for almost three months being accused in the actress attack case, Dileep’s close friends and relatives knocked many doors and approached many people with the hope to get Dileep released from the jail. Reports now claim that Manju Warrier, actress and Dileep’s former wife, was one among the people who tried hard to bring Dileep out of the jail. This revelation is brought out by Pallissery, the columnist of Mangalam cinema weekly. Reports that are coming out state that Meenakshi called up her mother, Manju, on phone and broke down. She personally met her mother and requested her to do everything possible to help Dileep come out of jail.

Sources say that Manju could not ignore her daughter’s plea and went ahead to try and bring out Dileep from the jail. Manju might have taken the decision to help Dileep because the absence of mother and father might adversely affect the well being and mental state of their daughter Meenakshi. However, this would be a shocking news for many of the Dileep fans, who have a grudge on Manju Warrier. Manju’s maternal affection towards Meenakshi is forcing her to withdraw herself from certain bold steps and decision, reports evaluate.

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