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Naam Malayalam Movie Review & Rating


‘Naam’ is the latest campus based film in Malayalam. ‘Naam’ is written and directed by Joshy Thomas Pallickal. The cinematography is done by Sudhir Surendran and Karthik Nallamuthu and the music is composed by Ashwin and Sandeep. The film has Rahul Madhav, Renji Panicker, Saiju Kurup, Aditi Ravi, Gayathri Suresh, Shabareesh and so on in the lead roles. Tovino Thomas, Vineeth Sreenivasan and Gautam Vasudeva Menon appear in guest roles.

Campus is a refreshing experience to all. ‘Naam’ also narrates its story on a campus setting. The first year joinees of a college who come from diverse backgrounds, their bonding, hostel views, the interventions of senior students..all these have been shown in films before.

However, this film portrays the visuals of these campus sightings in a very interesting way.
There cannot be claims of magnanimous performances, but all the actors have done justice to their respective roles. Renji Panicket’s character of father is very interesting in itself. Mastaan played by Saiju Kurup has also excelled.

The songs in the film are also befitting the campus backdrop and are excellent. The cinematography also stands above average. The film progresses through the voice over narration of Shabareesh. However, the narrative seems to lose its impact due to the lack of intensity.
The director deserves applause in trying to bring in uniqueness and variety to an otherwise normal campus film. For any student, campus would be his cherished abode and a fertile ground to breed friendship and fun. This film also narrates the same kind of emotion.

From campus tales dipped in love, vengeance and fights, this film becomes different by showcasing the happy moments of the campus. Somewhere the film also wets the eyes of viewers through sentimental scenes.

This film can be watched as a happy going and feel good campus film celebrating the concept of friendship.

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