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Nayanthara opens up about her stunning experience with Mohanlal..She revealed it when she had the opportunity!


The queen of the South film industry and the lady superstar of the Tamil film industry, Nayanthara creates news with any of her comments nowadays.

One of the most popular Tamil channels is telecasting a program series on the acting career of Nayanthara. This program tops the viewership charts and in the fifth episode, Nayanthara talks about the complete actor of Malayalam, Mohanlal, which is overwhelmingly exciting.

She says – In my experience, there’s no heroine who wouldn’t have wished to work with Mohanlal. When I got a chance to work with Mohanlal in ‘Vismayathumbathu,’ I could sense envy in the words of many of my friends and co-stars. Some spoke as if I had won a lottery. Whatever Mohanlal does becomes news. When we acted together, there were lots of gossips about us.

When I came to the Tamil film world, I remember one of the famous choreographers enquired about the well being of Mohanlal to me. I felt this quite strange those days, but gradually I realised that it is a sort of obsession of fans towards Mohanlal that brings out such news.

Initially, when I set foot in Tamil and Telugu movies, I was introduced as the heroine of Mohanlal in public functions. I feel that acquiring a chance to work with Mohanlal actually has changed the course of my career, she adds.

Nayanthara talked about Mohanlal when she was asked about the people who inspired her the most.
Since the tome Nayanthara entered Malayalam films in 2003, she has acted in two films with Mohanlal in 2004. After that, she did not get an opportunity to work with Mohanlal. At the same time, she was able to pair up with Mammootty in three films.

Among the films of Nayanthara, which is her character that has attracted you the most?
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