Friday , August 23 2019

Nayanthara’s superb comment on Pranav Mohanlal!


The latest news making rounds in the film circle is the compliment that Nayanthara gave Pranav Mohanlal after watching his debut film ‘Aadhi’. Reports claim that Pranav reciprocated to the Tamil Lady Superstar, Nayanthara’s comment in his own signature style and simplicity.

This is what Nayanthara tells about the film ‘Aadhi’ – I enjoyed the film Aadhi. The film has a backup of good homework and therefore, the film would certainly get its deserved success. When I watched Aadhi, I felt Mohanlal’s son to be a very flexible and talented performer.

The action scenes were perfect. Pranav’s action shots in which he does the Parkour remind me of the stunt scenes of Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa. Considering Pranav as a newcomer, he has done a good job. I remembered my first film while watching the movie.

The star further added that the mere name of Mohanlal was enough to ensure the success of Aadhi, but Pranav went beyond that. While commenting that the forthcoming films of Pranav would be the most decisive and crucial ones for Pranav, the star added that Tamil cinema was favourable for newcomers presently.
Nayanthara, who acted with Mohanlal in Faasil’s ‘Vismayathumbathu’ has actually acted in the most number of films with Mammootty in Malayalam. Nayanthara, who claims to be a fan of Mohanlal, is one of the most expensive actresses of the South Indian Film Industry.

Nayanthara is receiving a flow of compliments in the social media for openly praising Mohanlal and Pranav Mohanlal.
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