Wednesday , July 24 2019

The new Mammootty film is named ‘Uncle’ in order to humiliate Mammootty!!

Shocking arguments by fans!!
Uncle Film for Mammootty

Mammootty fans are eagerly writing for the release of the star’s next movie, ‘Uncle.’ When the film is ready to hit theatres after the shooting schedule of 42 days, there seems to be a small scale protest among the fans of the mega star against the name given to the film. Reports state that the criticism is against the name ‘Uncle’ and that the film is given such a name with the intention to insult Mammootty. Some fans have come to the forefront with allegations to such an extent that they claim that this name would lend an opportunity to the opponents of the star who are waiting to mock at him and his progressing age, not even considering his ageless glamour.

Therefore, the main demand of such protesting fans is to alter the name of the movie. Generally, ‘Uncle’ is the pseudonym of middle-aged flirtatious men, who walk around with the intention of impressing young women. These men conceal their greying hair and wrinkles to appear young in public. These fans claim that Mammootty is presenting a character just like this ‘uncle’ in the movie.

Mammootty fans protesting against the name of the film has brought out this weird explanation stating that the name ‘Uncle’ is solely intended to insult Mammootty. They are trying to spread these views of theirs through various social media. However, the people behind ‘Uncle’ has come forth contradicting the protests. They say that such views are immensely childish, and they also claim that Uncle is a serious film, with a powerful story backup and a strong social message. Not only this, the reality is that Uncle is a film providing great expectations to Mammootty. Other than Mammootty, Vinay Forte, Asha Sharath, Suresh Krishna, Kailash, Sheela, Muthumani etc. Have also played major roles in the film.

Is it necessary to raise controversy on merely a name of a movie? What is your opinion?
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