Wednesday , July 24 2019

Now they game together! You can boldly take the tickets now…

Full time comedy from big brother and small brother!!
Jayaram and Dulquer Salmaan

A full time comedy entertainer backed up by a fine script, featuring Dulquer Salman and Jayaram is expected to become a reality. In this film written by the twin scriptwriters, Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Vipin George claims that this film brings in a very different getup of Dulquer Salman. Compared to the films he has done before, his appearance and portrayal would be something new to the audience.

This film is highly awaited in terms of DQ’s role as a comedy entertainer throughout the film. When DQ joins hands with Jayaram, who has glorified comedy roles with his originality and life-like performances, the outcome would be historic and would certainly amass great money from theatres.

Once Dulquer completes his Bollywood debut film, Caravan, the shooting of this unnamed movie is likely to take off. After completing his work in the film directed by actor Salim Kumar, Jayaram would join the shoot of the above mentioned project. This film would a crucial one for both Jayaram and Dulquer. The recent films of both the stars hadn’t worked as well as expected at the box office so this movie is something both of them look forward to. Another striking feature of this movie is the collection of fine songs in it.

This movie is special in many ways. Jayaram would be getting back to his unique and realistic humour and natural acting genre after a long time. Not only that, Dulquer’s fans would also be excited as this film claims to have many superb scenes much enough to satisfy the star’s fans.

Sources close to the actor claim that Dulquer very happily accepted the loving invitation extended from Jayaram’s side to work together in the movie.

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