Friday , April 19 2019

‘Oh God! This is not Mohanlal!’ fans break down.. Shocked to see the transformed look of Mohanlal!

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The hard work and strenuous effort of fifty one days.. Tolerance equivalent to a penance.. The result of rigorous and vigorous efforts and bone wrenching dedication to make the body and mind young and energetic. Yes, Lalettan has incarnated with a newer, younger looking figure after losing around 18 kilos.

Mohanlal went back to Chennai in a special vehicle from the training venue at around 2:00 a.m. Even the close allies of Mohanlal were shocked to see his appearance. Mohanlal underwent this drastic transformation to enable him to handle the role of Odiyan Manikyan in his upcoming universal film, Odiyan. This is the most strenuous training undertaken by any artist for a particular role. The rigorous training was under the supervision of an expert team, including doctors and physiotherapists, from France. It seems that this team is acclaimed of training sportsmen of global standards and also popular Bollywood stars.

Mohanlal new look inage2

As per the reports of an online portal, when Mohanlal reached Chennai in his new look, many of the people were shocked to see him and one of his ardent fans seemed to have broken down yelling, ‘Oh God! This is not Lalettan!!!’ Anyway, Lalettan has done it commendably! Now he would start shooting for Odiyan in his new look in the coming days.
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