Sunday , December 16 2018

Oh my God! What a look.. The latest photos of Mohanlal create history!


Many Mohanlal fans share their excitement over the fact that finally the day had come for Mohanlal to change into Odiyan Manickyan after he underwent rigorous exercises for attaining the trim and fit figure of Odiyan Manickyan. Even then, there might be at least a minority of fans who are slightly sad and are eagerly waiting to see the old look of the actor.

When Mohanlal cane back after slimming, he came in a clean shaven look. Then he adopted the look of beard and moustache. Following this, the star tried the moustache only look for some days. With the dawn of March 5, the day when the shooting of ‘Odiyan’ was to be resumed, Mohanlal came back in his clean shaven look for the shooting.

Amidst anxiety on when Mohanlal could be seen in his old look, there come a photo with Mohanlal in his clean shaven avatar, smiling and wearing a cap in a tilted way.

The look in the photo leaves behind Hollywood body builders and the facial expression is staunch and powerful. This is the general feedback on Mohanlal’s look in the photo.

Not inly this, this photo substantiates the fact that Mohanlal’s flexible body is trained and is fast approaching the six pack target. Now this is what dedication us. Anyway, as Mohanlal is geared up to perform astoundingly in his role of Odiyan Manickyan, the sounds are actually echoing in the minds of his fans. They go on to claim that this is the silence before the big storm.

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