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Orayiram Kinakkalal Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Pramod Mohan | Biju Menon


‘Orayiram Kinakkalal’ is the latest Malayalam film having Biju Menon in the lead. Pramod Mohan is the director of the film. The name of the film is suggestive of what the film is all about.
Every man in this world is motivated and inspired to live because of the hopes that he preserves. Each one of us anticipates a bright tomorrow. There are people among us who are so hopeful that they dream of becoming a millionaire overnight. A few people like this, who live with great hopes, but trapped in present day crisis, not able to make both ends meet.. The film is the pursuit of yhese people behind huge wealth that could be acquired through illegal means.

Biju Menon presents the character of Sreeram, who was well settled abroad, but got the business manua onto his head and returns home to start business. However, Sreeram ends up losing whatever he had accumulated so far.

Sreeram gets into huge debts and becomes indebted to Lalji, a loan shark. He owes Lalji a huge sum of money. Lalji gives Sreeram a repayment period of one month. The story of the film is all about the twists and turns of events that take place in this grace period of one month.
The character of the ruthless money lender Lalji is played by Sai Kumar. Sai Kumar has rendered the best performance in the film through his fine acting skills. Another notable performance us rendered by Kalabhavan Shajon in the role of C. I. Shajahan. Kalabhavan Dhajon has crafted the character of C. I. Shajahan with so much finesse that it has become one of the best characters in his whole career.


Through the character of C. I. Shajahan, the message that is being conveyed is that every person has a good and a bad side in him.
Through these years, the viewers have always had great expectations on the films of Biju Menon. Though very small and light hearted, the films had good humour and strong story base. However, it has to be told that ‘Orayiram Kinakkalal’ is totally disappointing.

The stark reality is that Biju Menon does not have much to do in the film. All the efforts of actors like Nirmal Palazhi to bring in humour all through has failed miserably.
Roshan Mathews has played the role of Jaison in the film. Other than him, Sakshi Agarwal, Sharu Varghese, Suresh Krishna and so on have also acted in the film.
A weak script and unimpressive presentation are the main problems of the film. The blood-stained climax scenes also do not leave any impact on the viewers.

The film is produced by the actor cum script writer, Renji Panicker. The cinematography in the film is done by Kunjunni S. Kumar and editing is accomplished by Mansoor Muthutty.
Those who adore Biju Menon and follow his films closely can definitely fetch a ticket for the movie.












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