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Paipin Chuvattile Pranayam Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

paippin chuvattile pranayam

The name of the film itself is attractive right! ‘Paipin Chuvattile Pranayam.’ In this film, Domin, the debutant director of the film, takes us to a small islet named Pandarathuruthu, which is surrounded by water on all the four sides. Though the place is surrounded by water on all the sides, just like being on sea, there is a staunch scarcity of pure drinking water in the islet. There’s only a single pipe in the place which may provide fresh water once in a while. The prominent roles in the film are handled by Neeraj Madhav, Reba Monica, Aju Varghese, Sarath Kumar, Sudhi Koppa and so on. The music is by Bijibal and cinematography by Pavi K. Pavan. When we observe the cast of the film, it would be evident that there’s no star studded casting in the movie. However, the film is the star.

The people of Pandarathuruthu meet around the pipe every day with the expectations of getting water. The common people of the place do their best to resolve the problem of drinking water but the ruling power seems to be indifferent to the issue and neglects the problem altogether. It is Govindankutty, who tries to assemble people and conducts rallies and protests on the issue of drinking water scarcity. He is accompanied by a set of genuine friends as well. As the title suggests, there’s an element of pure love also in the movie. A few people who live in the islet by doing the painting works, fishing, and also, dance programs. The scarcity of drinking water has affected the youth to such an extent that even marriages are called off due to this issue.

The film not only presents visuals of protests and problems in the lives of the people there, but also presents some fine moments of life and good comedy as well. One of the best aspects of the film is that many actors who had been performing in side roles and insignificant roles are brought to the fore front in this movie. Among those, Sudhi Koppa stands out with his performance. He has some prominent scenes in the second half of the film. Neeraj Madhav gives an excellent performance in the film, especially in the dance scenes, Neeraj appears very energetic.

Paippin Chuvattile Pranayam Image 2,

Reba Monica, the heroine of the movie also renders a good performance. However, Indrans, who appears only in a couple of scenes, receives all the applause from the audience. The film has an outstanding casting. It was only Sarath Kumar’s performance which seemed lousy, which is felt as the follow-up of his earlier performances. The music and songs of Bijibal is an asset to the movie. Another technical aspect worth mentioning is the cinematography of the movie. The beautiful and exotic scenery of the island is portrayed well. The scenes just before the Interval are really superb. Don’t watch the movie viewing the posters alone. The director can be proud that he could portray the film well by not just displaying the visuals but by being able to transfer the perceptions beyond that.

The islet shown in the film can be considered symbolically. It can depict our present world where we live in which can lead us to the same situation as the islet at any time now. The protests might not even gain publicity due to the lack of news value. Even when we have the modern houses in our vicinity and taps which provide water every time, we might also become people who can get neglected in the future anytime. Paipin Chuvattile Pranayam depicts the story of love of certain people in it. Even when the film displays the theme of love, there’s a political presence in the movie which merges with the story. The movie can be watched all through without getting bored. Though the progress of the film is quite predictive, it proves a fine entertainer with the components of fine visuals, music and humour in it.
The rating for this movie is 3.5/5

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