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Parole Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Sharrath Sandith | Mammootty, Miya, Inya


‘Parole’ is one of the major films that have been released recently. It has Mammootty as the hero. The film is directed by the newcomer, Sharrath Sandith.
Parole unfurls the story of the farmer, Alex, a genuine person, who would give up anything for the welfare of his loved ones. However, all through his life, Alex has to endure lots of difficulties. The character of Alex is portrayed by Mammootty.

The film starts from a jail. Alex is shown to be in jail on life imprisonment bearing charges of murder. Alex had been in jail for the past eight years. He is always restless for his son. He had completed eight long years in jail without a single parole.
Even though he is totally innocent of the charges imposed on him, he had intentionally taken up the charge on himself as a part of remorse. The story of the film mainly revolves around the tragic life of Alex.

We get to see different facets of Mammootty’s expressive acting style in the movie. We get to see different emotional shades of Alex as a sakhavu (communist), a brother, a friend, saviour of the poor, a husband and as a father as well.
Alencier Ley plays the role of Sakhavu Philipose, Alex’s father. The character of Katrina, Mammootty’s younger sister, is handled by Mia George. Iniya plays the role of Manmootty’s wife in the film. Suraj Venjaramoodu, who plays the role of Mammootty’s brother-in-law has rendered a commendable performance in the film.


Another notable character, Abu, played by Siddique, can be seen throughout the film. Though, there are around 35 actors in the film, in big and small roles, this film is all about Alex. The other characters lend their support to the main character of the film, Alex.
Mammootty has immortalised the character of Alex through his impeccable acting. The emotional and sentimental scenes are handled by Mammootty with finesse.

The film has lots of drawbacks of maiden direction. The script seems to weaken at several places. Also, the over dramatic rendition of dialogues is another hitch in the movie. There are too many sentimental scenes in the movie, which is not impressive.

Another drawback is the characterization of Bullet Raghavan, played by the Baahubali fame Prabhakar. His role in the movie had been highlighted and was counted to be one of the key factors in the success of the movie. However, Prabhakar’s Bullet Raghavan slid off without creating any ripples in the movie.

The excellent cinematography by Loganathan Sreenivasan is one of the striking features of the film. The editing in the film is done by Suresh Urs, acclaimed for his works in Mani Ratnam’s Bombay and other films.

Music composer Sharreth has composed the songs in the movie. However, the songs are just average, but the background music of the film stands apart.












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