Thursday , February 21 2019

Parvathii is Mohanlal’s next heroine.. She openly reveals that she is afraid, not happy!!


Mohanlal would be playing the lead role in the upcoming film directed by the Bollywood director, Ajoy Varma. Parvathii Nair aka Parvathii would be the female lead in the film. Even now, Parvathii cannot believe that she is going to be a part of a huge project. Not only that, she says that she is baffled and afraid at the thought of acting with the star that she has always adored.

The reason of her fear as she states is that Mohanlal is a nationally acclaimed actor and a genius. She is anxious of her performance. She wishes her performance would be up to the standard expected and she should not go back in it. Born in a Malayali family in gulf, and winning the title of beauty queen, Parvathii had become quite popular. She is presently acting in director Priyadarshan’s Tamil film, ‘Nimir.’ Parvathii says that she is one among lakhs of people who get excited with the mere mention of the great actor Mohanlal’s name. Parvathii says that she had desired to meet the great actor in person for a long time, and she recalls, she, along with her parents, finally got to meet the star when he had gone to Dubai. Parvathii hints that the upcoming film, a mass entertainer, is a travel story. Initially, there were rumours that the film, which is not named yet, would have Thrisha and Meena in lead roles in the film. However, the people behind the film have denied all such rumours.

Other than Parvathii, the film would have Suraj Venjaramoodu, Sai Kumar, Dileesh Pothen and so on. There are reports that the film shooting, other than Indian locations, would extend to Mongolia and Thailand as well. Sources close to Ajoy Varma claim that there would be one more heroine in the film.

When the great actor Mohanlal would act in a film directed by Ajoy Varma, who is acclaimed to make films on new and experimental subjects, as audience, what are the expectations on the film?
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