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Parvathy openly slashes against the Mammootty movie ‘Kasaba’ amidst her speech..

Never again come out with such criticisms!!

Actress Parvathy openup her thoughts….

Actress Parvathy Openup about the mammootty movie kasaba

Venue: Open Forum of the 22nd International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK 2017) held at Thiruvananthapuram
Excerpts from Parvathy’s speech..
“A Malayalam film that was recently released.. I wouldn’t like to call it a major hit though. You all know which is the film I’m talking about.. I don’t want to say it. Kasaba.. It’s a movie that I unfortunately watched. And with all due respect to the technicians who had worked in the film, I was really disappointed to watch an actor par excellence, whom I have watched in many films, happened to say certain dialogues which were not only derogatory but most saddening to a woman in a scene.

Now, there are many people who say that cinema is the reflection of life, cinema is the reflection of the society. That’s a truth. However, the line we draw is when we glorify it or when we don’t glorify it. So when the hero says it, it is obviously glorified! It gives license for many other men to do the same thing because it’s oh-so sext and cool! That’s one side of it! We have talked a lot about this and would talk along because we wouldn’t want to allow such a perception of heroism because we know where we come from. Our fellow actors and directors, most of them who’ve supported us in our collective; they are all willing to have conversation with us. And that’s all positive! That’s all great! Now the other side of the coin..

What about a woman’s sexual perspective in cinema? As far as I’m concerned, in the cinemas that I have watched in my teenage and growing up years , this male perspective of woman that I’ve seen have always encouraged me reach that aspirational level in my personal relationships. I wanted my man to see me as that.. so that he would live me. I never thought in cinema, wherein I haven’t seen a woman having a man, I wasn’t able to create that expectation as well, as a woman. I had to read books. It was through literature that I came to know what love meant for a woman, her imaginative pursuits of love, her sexual fantasies.. leave alone having discussions on this, it is not even portrayed in cinemas showing the relationship of a man and a woman.

That woman is not even asked about her preferences or what is it that she sees un a man. I haven’t seen this beautiful aspect in movies, especially Malayalam movies. And I would like to see that. It us very important for the health of our teenagers. Let me just add.. the shortage of this has caused me to be un an abusive relationship, where the boy puts cigarette buds on my legs, and I thought it was out of love. You know why? Because our cinemas have taught me that is love. If there is love, I would be slapped on my face. We would be reformed by beating. And we would fall in love more.

I don’t want this to happen to any other girl who is growing up watching my films. So I make sure that it’s not there in my films. So we are talking about what Rima said. Thus should change in the social level, economic level. For that, we must change our outlook. If it is not changed, at least bring in an equal representation. That’s the narrative. Everybody has got space to create here.”

You can watch her speech in Video here:

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