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“Parvathy, you have to answer to this question as well!” Mammootty’s superb response..

Mammootty stole the show with his apt reply!
Mammooty VS Parvathy in Kasaba Movie Controversy

The Kasaba controversy got ignited with actress Parvathy’s speech that she rendered at the podium of the International Film Festival of Kerala. She stated that being a woman and an actress, she was shocked at the way women were portrayed and criticised in the Mammootty police film, Kasaba. lakhs of Mammootty fans were offended by this remark of Parvathy. Though it was clear that Parvathy had no intention to badmouth actor Mammootty, the interpretations of the news were twisted and everyone got her wrong for what she said.

The video of Parvathy’s speech in the podium of IFFK was first brought out by Kandathum Kettathum, a film news channel in YouTube. Since the time Mammootty fans have turned against Parvathy, she is quite upset. This controversy has been further ignited by some prominent people as well.

Mammooty VS Parvathy in Kasaba Movie Controversy - image of Actress Parvathy

Now, Mammootty has rendered his response to this controversy. Mammootty says that cinema speaks as per the background of the script. Nothing is deliberately included to showcase anti feminism. I feel that generally my films have a very less obvious content against women. However, the present trend is to dissect a film headlong and interpret the details of the film as per the interpreter’s choice and mind-set. Nowadays, we can see the pathetic situation of many films just because of these misinterpretation of facts. I don’t believe that there’s anything wrong for women to watch in the film, Kasaba. Not only that, before the release of the film, the censor board had watched and assessed the film, and also granted permission for the release of the film. Mammootty asks why the film, Kasaba, released in July 2016, is being dragged into unnecessary controversies after a gap of one and a half years.
The Kerala Women Commission had issued a legal notice against the film just after its release.

Do you believe that the Mammootty film, Kasaba, directed by Nithin Renji Panicker, has elements offending women?
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You can watch the controversial speech of actress Parvathy in the International Film Festival of Kerala 2017 Venue:

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