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What Peter Hein reveals about the adventurous fight scenes performed by Mohanlal in Odiyan!

No words to express! Nothing more to say..
Peter Hein and Mohanlal Mass fight scene in Odiyan

The movie ‘Odiyan’ is something too phenomenal! The theme of the story revolves around the folklore much popular in certain parts of Malabar, which encompasses the stories of Odiyans, the mythical heroes of darkness.
Odiyan is a big budget film from the Mohanlal-V.A. Shreekumar Menon team.

The films has mystic elements like soul and body transition from one being to another and war in the blanket of pitch darkness. The odiyan attacks and defends himself in the shelter of darkness and he can imitate the gestures of any living creature to fight off offenders. On wearing the special mask of an animal, he seems to be possessed by that particular beast and transforms into a half-man, half-beast form. This magical transformation from a man to beast is very effectively created in every scene and this gives a realistic experience to the audience.

Mohanlal plays the role of Odiyan Manikkan, the last odiyan of Malabar. This film, which falls under the category of a mystical-realistic thriller, would definitely go on to become a wonder in the Indian cinema. This is because this would be the first film to blend elements such as a unique story concept, powerful acting performances, colourful scene direction and thrilling action. This fact is reiterated by none other but Peter Hein, the action choreographer of the movie. Peter Hein had a number of big hits to his credit. He had arranged the action sequences of many superhit films like Baahubali and Pulimurugan. Peter Hein, who was in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad the other day, appeared to be very excited talking about the stunt scenes of odiyan.

Peter Hein was at Ramoji Film City since the shooting sequence of Odiyan was over in Varanasi and the shooting crew had shifted to Ramoji Film City for the next shooting schedule. Peter Hein, the stunt master, shares his happiness for being able to arrange the stunt scenes of Odiyan and swears that the stunt scenes and scene presentation would be one of its kind in the world of Indian cinema.

Odiyan is one of the biggest budget films in which Mohanlal has acted so far and the film is produced by Antony Perumbavoor for Aashirvad Cinemas. The film directed by V. A. Shreekumar Menon has Prakash Raj playing a prominent role in the film other than Mohanlal. The art direction is done by Sabu Cyril.

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