Tuesday , September 17 2019

“Just watch when Lal sir accomplishes that!” reveals Prabhas

Prabhas comments on Mohanlal’s new look!
Prabhas reacting to mohanlal's new makeover

Other than the Malayalam film industry, Mohanlal’s grand makeover us making news un the Telugu film industry as well. Initially, the makeover was approached with apprehension, which paved way to surprise, and now it has ended in full-fledged excitement in Telangana. The very own Baahubali, from the birthplace of the mega film, Baahubali, has now come out with praises and compliments towards Mohanlal on his new look.

Prabhas marked his comments on Mohanlal in the Stardust Magazine by the Magna Publishing Company. He said that he views this transformation as the initial step towards Mohanlal’s effort in perfecting his role in the 1000-crore universal film, Mahabharata. Prabhas further adds that he is aware that Mohanlal is a genius, and he would create news with anything he does. When asked about an actor’s fitness and its importance, Prabhas expressed the opinion that it not mandatory that an actor should always have a six-pack body, and that definitely is not the most important criteria to be a good actor. He says that an actor should mould himself into the character he portrayed by transforming his physique accordingly. That is what is required. Prabhas further commented that as a perfectionist actor, Aamir Khan is a marvel for him.

Mohanlal controversy new look

Prabhas adds that it is because of the contribution of actors like Mohanlal that the South Indian film industry is able to catch on with the Hindi film industry. Prabhas says that Mohanlal is one those actors in the Indian film industry whom he adores a lot.

Along with the Malayalam film lovers, people from other film industries are also eagerly awaiting to watch Mohanlal’s film, Odiyan, on screen.

Who is the Indian actor with the most attractive six-pack body in your opinion?
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