Wednesday , June 19 2019

Prithviraj slashes Sangeetha Lakshmana, who had mocked at Mohanlal’s changed look, with his awesome comment!

Oh! She became aware of things only now..
Prithviraj responding to Sangeetha Lakshmana

When everyone is complimenting and welcoming the transformed look of Mohanlal, which he had acquired to portray the young Odiyan Manikyan in his film, Odiyan, Sangeetha Lakshmana has come out with start criticism on Mohanlal’s appearance. Now with this, Sangeetha Lakshmana has taken over the social media along with the news of Mohanlal’s new look. She posted a comment on Mohanlal’s makeover stating that Mohanlal, in his new getup, looks like he has got constipation.

Since the time, Mohanlal fans have taken up the matter into their hands and have showered ger with abuses and negative comments. Even before, she had indulged in such gimmicks on Facebook just for cheap publicity, therefore, there’s no need to give any attention to this, says some prominent cinema personalities. Now, actor Prithviraj has come forward in defence of Mohanlal. He addresses the mockery by Sangeetha as a very childish and immature one and also adds that it was not for any sort of cheap publicity that Mohanlal underwent the drastic transformation. During a brisk interview in his shooting location, Prithviraj commented on the makeover of Mohanlal when the topic was brought up for discussion amidst the interview.

He says – “Just like a pen and paper to a writer or a paint and brush to an artist, an actor’s body is his tool. In a sense, acting is something performed with the gestures of the body. Even learned people say that acting like body and soul transgression to another self. An actor has to imbibe the character he wishes to portray and make his body ready for the same. For the perfection in acting, an actor has to work on his body. Putting on weight or pulling down as well as becoming handsome or ugly.. Whatever be it.. all these are a part of acting itself.

Now, watching these preparations getting carried away and senselessly using words like toilet and cheap publicity is not meaningful in any way. It us sure that Mohanlal is not behind the news about his makeover. He doesn’t have to do so . Mohanlal has lakhs of fans and followers all around the globe to make news of anything related to Mohanlal. This is something to envy. Nothing can be done about it.” Prithviraj says this in clear words.

In your opinion, which is the film in which Prithviraj has appeared in the best makeover?
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