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Queen Malayalam Movie Review & Rating


‘Happy Days,’ a dubbed film in Malayalam, released in 2007 was a great hit. The cinema unfolded the story of Engineering students. ‘Queen,’ the recently released film, directed by Dijo Jose Antony, is also a campus based film. All the main characters in the film are new comers. The film showcases the story in the background of an engineering college. The songs of the film had already become a raging hit. The main characters are all from the Mechanical Engineering stream. They move on with fights and duets with one another. They were progressing in the spirit of good friendship when a girl joins the batch.

The film unfurls the incidents that take place after this. Sonia, Dhruvan, Vijayaraghavan, Salim Kumar, and many more actors whose names are not known, play the main characters in the film. The performances of the college students were good. The routine modes of friendship, comedy and angry youth are adopted here as well. The character of the female lead in the film is full of positive energy. Though the performance of the heroine is powerful, the dialogues weaken in some places. Many a times, the stereotype, fancy dialogues becomes a drawback of the film.

The film which loses out on many aspects gets back into form with the dazzling performance of Salim Kumar. He literally renders an applauding performance. The first half of the film shows the routine campus picture. However, it is not boring. The film presents a good campus feel with a little bit of comedy topped with friendship. Every character has a special trait leading to humour, and every where there is a serious person to hold reins. So this time, it is the mechanical students presenting their story in the same old mould. The story route is predictable, at least till the first half.

However, in the second half, trespassing expectations, the story of the film goes out of the campus. The story which revolved around the campus, goes out of it, and sometimes, towards us as well. That is where the film evidently puts an effort to bring about a change in the routine pattern of campus films. The sentimental scenes that appear in many places in the film makes the film less interesting. Those who want to re-live the campus nostalgia can definitely go ahead and watch the movie.

You can refresh your campus memories and spend some entertaining time with the college students. At least sometimes, we can update our emotions from ‘mine’ to ‘ours.’ Weak plot and powerless situations in the film definitely prove a headache to the film. However, if you enjoy the roar and glitter of campus life, you can certainly go ahead with watching the film. You can spend some time in theatre amidst thrill and humour.

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