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Rajinikanth’s awesome comment on the young, dashing look of Mohanlal has become mega hit in Tamil Nadu..

There’s nothing more to say than what the Style King Rajnikanth said!
Rajinikanth responding to mohanlal makeover

When Malayalee cinema lovers celebrated the stunning makeover of Mohanlal for portraying the young 30-year-old Odiyan Manikyan, there are reports of the very Style King Rajinikanth who spoke to Mohanlal very excitedly over phone. When Mohanlal defeated his age and regained a youthful appearance following the two-month severe fitness training, many prominent personalities from the Indian film industry are pouring out their comments on the same.

It was the director of Odiyan, V. A. Shrikumar Menon, who first revealed the news of Rajinikanth calling up Mohanlal to comment on his look. Shrikumar Menon was talking to a prominent television news channel. However, he did not reveal the details of the conversation at that time. Now, Mohanlal has come out informing that Rajinikanth had called him up and congratulated him on his look. Rajinikanth had called him after watching the new teaser of Odiyan.

Rajinikanth says that it was Aishwarya, his daughter and wife if the Tamil star Dhanush, who had informed him about the new teaser with Mohanlal’s new look that had appeared in Facebook and shared the same with her father as well. Lal, you are a role model and a motivation to all of us. I see the same excitement and spirit even now, the same dedication you had when you had entered films in the 80s. A-Z you are born only for cinema, Rajinikanth says.

He also enquired about the training and the strenuous regime that Mohanlal had undergone for this sake. Rajnikanth ended the conversation by wishing all luck and success to Mohanlal’s Odiyan. Just like Mohanlal’s fabulous makeover has become a hit among the Malayalee film lovers, it has become a rage and talk of the Tamil and Telugu film industries as well. Even the Tamil media had brought out the news of Rajinikanth’s phone call to Mohanlal felicitating him on his new appearance.

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