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Revathy opens up about Mohanlal who has not changed at all! He may seem to have changed, but that’s only a feel


The favourite actress of Malayalam, Revathy, is a director and a social worker presently. There was a time when she had coupled with Mohanlal as his heroine and given numerous super hit films in Malayalam.

Though this beloved actress of Malayalees is not active in Malayalam films nowadays, she continues to pour out her contributions and cherish her life dedicated to art.
The other day, Revathy was sharing her experience of her latest Malayalam film, ‘Kinar’ which she had done after a gap of six long years in Malayalam. Her words on Mohanlal amidst her talk is noteworthy.

She says that presently, Malayalam films seem to have deserted small films and dreams. Malayalam films are behind huge films and big budget projects now. Anyway, in my perception, there is only factor which has remained unchanged and unaffected in Malayalam films all through.

That is Mohanlal. I’m not saying that Mohanlal has not undergone transformation as an individual. He has changed, but his acting and his influence on Malayalam films are still the same. Even today, the big films released are of Mohanlal. Many come and go, but there is no trace if change in the actor called Mohanlal. The usage of ‘Lal magic’ has also come inti existence. Big projects like ‘Odiyan’ and ‘Randaamoizham’ are his projects, which are the big budget films in Malayalam.

Having acted with him in many films, this is a matter of pride for me as well.
These well thought words on Mohanlal and his influence on Malayalam films from a great co-star like Revathy can only be termed as just superb!

Which is your favourite film in which Mohanlal and Revathy have acted together?
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