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Review of Dulquer Salman’s new Malayalam movie ‘Parava’

The Dulquer Salman film ‘Parava’ directed by Soubin Shahir has been released. The film was viewed from Aries Theatre, Truvandrum.

Parava Malayalam Movie Review by Film Magazine

The theatre was houseful with Dulquer fans. However, it was disturbing to see the film end with nothing much to do from Dulquer’s side. The film around the Custom of ‘pravu parathal’ (flying pigeons) which is seen around the Mattanchery and Kochi area. It also depicts the gang war and the lives of Muslim population in the area.

The film has elements of love and revenge to make it appealing to people. The realistic setting and the precision in casting of the movie makes it a very interesting movie to watch.

All the actors of ‘Parava’ have given their best performance in the film. The film is remarkable for its realistic acting without a tinge of melodrama. The film has a smooth flow from the beginning to the end.
A superficial script and a very dull and unclear climax are indeed the drawbacks of the film. Not only that the character portrayed by Dulquer seems to be a great misfit to the realistic background of the film. It would seem the Dulquer was cast in the movie to ensure its commercial success. Moreover, Dulquer dies not have much to do in the film.

People who watch Parava expecting the Dulquer style and statement would be highly shocked and disappointed. We can assume that Dulquer agreed to do the film on the grounds of his friendship with the director, Soubin Shahir.

However, Soubin Dhahir, the main villain of the film, who is also the director of the film, has done a great job. A brilliant performance. Parava, co-produced by Anwar Rasheed and directed by Soubin Shahir has Shane Nigam, Zinil Sainudeen, Arjun Ashokan, Indrans, Siddique etc. other than Dulquer Salman. The music of the film Parava is done by Rex Vijayan. The background score is also excellent. Cinematography by Littil Swayamp is incredible.

Though the director, a new comer, is not confused and has treated the film maturely, the commercial success of Parava can be drastically affected by the lack of mass scenes by Dulquer, thus disappointing his fans.

The rating given by Film Magazine for the film Parava is 7.5/10. You can also express your views on the film and provide rating in the ‘comments’ space.

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Overall Rating: 7.5
Story: 6.5
Direction: 8.5
Cinematography: 8.5
Music: 8
Editing: 8
Climax: 6.5

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