Wednesday , June 19 2019

Salutations!!! Rajamouli on Mohanlal

Director Rajamouli opens up on Mohanlal!
Mohanlal and SS Rajamouli
For the past few days, Mohanlal fans have been curious to know if S.S Rajamouli and Mohanlal would come join hands and come together for a movie. Formerly, Rajamouli had swayed away the rumours stating that Mohanlal would be a part of his next big budget film ‘Garuda’ post Baahubali.

Recently, Rajamouli, who was the chief guest in Ramoji City in a function associated with the inauguration of the newly constructed 6D Theatre therein, opened his mind about his upcoming projects and also about his choice of big budget films. During the talk, he opened up on Mohanlal and his 1000 crore project Mahabharatha. He adds that every Indian has an emotional upheaval for   first time possibly towards the stories of Mahabharatha.

He says that it is the biggest dream of any film maker to make Mahabharatha, an epic that has cast a spell on the whole universe and contains all the elements of the universe. However, the task is more challenging than Baahubali.

He adds that the character of Bheema in Mohanlal’s Mahabharatha project is the result of an independent creation of the epic, highlighting the aspects of Bheema.

The character of Bheema is enriched with numerous emotional scenes and intense dilemma and mental aggressions experienced by the character. Rajamouli highlights that Mohanlal is the most eligible actor to portray the character Bheema on screen because he feels that age and appearance cannot create any obstacles before a great actor like Mohanlal.

Rajamouli adds that he has been in the hangover of Baahubali for the past few days and he is gradually getting over it now. Once he is out of the hangover, he would announce his next project.

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