Tuesday , September 17 2019

Santhosh Sivan makes initial revelations about his Mammootty starrer film ‘Kunjali Marakkar’..

This is something which only Mammootty can do!

The name of Kunjali Marakkar is inscribed in golden words in the history of Malayalam. This is one of the prominent names among the warriors of extreme valour, Malayalam has ever witnessed.

When Kunjali Marakkar is made as a cinema in Malayalam, it presents an exotic plot of revenge, hatred, bravery, adventure and love. The fact that Santhosh Sivan and Mammootty have come together in this film has raised the expectations of the people sky high. The script work of the film is progressing, reveals Santhosh Sivan. He adds that the estimated budget of the film is somewhere around 50 crores. Since seventy percent of the film has to be shot mid sea, the film has great prominence to the technical aspects as well, he says. He adds that he might consider acquiring the assistance of some technical experts of Hollywood in this film.

Kunjali Marakkar was the name of the designation conferred upon the Muslim naval commanders by the Kozhikode Hindu Samuthiris. The Kunjali Marakkars were the symbols of strong and genuine religious bonds that prevailed in Kerala. The life history of Kunjali Marakkar is marked in the period of the 16th century. Most importantly, there were four Kunjalis in power. The film narrates the inspiring story of strike, patience and strength displayed by the Kunjali Marakkar against the conquest of the Portuguese. In the film, Mammootty portrays the character of Mohammed Ali, the fourth of the Kunjalis. He showcases the life story of Mohammed Ali in the film. Santhosh Sivan claims that the film would have scenes pictured in a way that has never happened before and would meet the global standards in its technicalities like VFX, technologically advanced encounter scenes, and exquisite camera moves. This would render a thrilling experience to the viewers.

The film shoot is proposed to begin in 2018, and talks on the production are fast progressing, Santhosh adds. When asked about the hearsay of Priyadarshan making a film on the same subject, Santhosh Sivan responded by saying that Priyadarshan is one of the finest directors in India, and no one has a difference of opinion with him. The confusion that arose on the film is quite unfortunate, though.
Santhosh further adds that he himself would accomplish the cinematography of Kunjali Marakkar and it has not yet been confirmed as to who would direct the film. It might be him or Sangeeth Sivan. He further claims this would be the most challenging role handled by Mammootty in his acting career.

Which is your favourite historical film ever in which Mammootty has acted?
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