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Shikkari Shambu Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Kunchacko Boban, Shivada Nair


The film ‘Shikkari Shambu’ is directed by Sugeet and scripted by Nishad Koya. The film has Kunchacko Boban in the lead with Shivada, Vishnu, Harish, Maniampillai Raju, Spadikam George, Krishnakumar, Salim Kumar and others in the cast. The music is done by Sreejith Edayana. The cinematography is dealt by Faisal Ali and editing, V. Saajan.

Malayalam cinema has witnessed the presence of tiger even before. Vaarunni and Pulimurugan are valiant characters who have caught tigers bravely on screen and saved the natives. Well, now that forests are being cleared, tigers have no option but to come to native lands. A tiger walks out of its abode into a village adjoining the forest. There are some hunters to catch the tiger as well. This time, Sugeet takes us to Kurudimalakkavu, a village close to the forest. The tiger creates havoc in the village. It also kills people there. Finally, new hunters come to the place with the intention of catching the thief.

Peeli, Shaji and Achu are the three new hunters who arrive there. They have a past. Anyway, they come to Kurudimalakkavu with some selfish motives. However, they realise gradually that Kurudimalakkavu is a place which holds more mysteries than what can be perceived. Thus, the story unfolds the life and journey of Peeli and his team. Kunchacko Boban, Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Harish are the main hunters. Their humorous conversations add the element of interest and humour to the film. Shivada portrays a calm and sober character in the film. The heroine character of Vishnu has done a commendable job as well. Krishnakumar and Spadikam George have presented distinct characters in the film. Director Johny Antony has also done a role in the film.


The film progresses on the route of humour, do there’s no scope for serous acting performances from the characters. However, Vishnu lives up to the expectations and is outstanding in his role. Technically, the film has fared well. The rustic beauty of the forest is captured very well. In a couple of scenes, the camera work is impeccable. The background music of the film is successful in creating a festive mood in the theatre. The songs in the movie are melodious. Fine lyrics and good musical composition. In some song scenes and other places, the lighting is too obvious, which results in the losing out of the natural look of the forest. The lighting affects the realistic touch of the forest. The film has many aspects pointing out to the name Shikkari Shambu. This, along with other predictable aspects, presents an enjoyable experience.

The main drawback of the film is that the film follows the routine and similar models of some earlier films. This is reflected in every stage of the film as well. When the film tries to follow successful films of the past, it becomes easy for the audience to guess the track. It us only in the last scenes that the film gains some energy. The comedy and counters do evoke laughter but things go the other way as well.

When the film says things like “It is okay to catch a tiger but not easy to capture a cow..” the routine screenplay proves a headache to the film. Though the first half of the film deals with tiger hunting and so, the film gradually proves that it’s a film, which is a celebration wrapped in good humour. This transformation, on the other hand, creates a void where Peeli and team don’t have anything to do in the latter part of the film. This film, if viewed as a time pass, would present disappointment. The scenic beauty of the forest can be enjoyed in some places. The comedy can also be relished. The director’s upper hand and talent in working on a weak screenplay is evidently visible. The film Shikkari Shambu plunges down in one main aspect; in trying to the replicate the model of some popular films.

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