Friday , August 23 2019

Shobana reveals that it is not only for films that Mohanlal has changed his look..

Shoban about Mohanlal's New look

The much loved actress of Malayalam cinema, Shobana has revealed that it is not just for one or two films that Mohanlal has revived the youthful look following rigorous training, taking it up like a penance.

Once Shobana was acclaimed as the lucky heroine of Mohanlal. More than being a heroine, Shobana has gained mass popularity as a seasoned actress and an expert dancer. She is one of the great actresses that Malayalam film world has witnessed. Shobana left films after a while and dedicated her physical and mental attention to dance. Today, she is considered one of the veteran dancers par excellence.

Shobana, who had won the Kerala State Film Award twice for best actress, was in Thiruvananthapuram the other day. She was in Thiruvananthapuram in association with the inaugural ceremony of World Kerala Sabha. Shobana mentioned about Mohanlal when she was talking to a popular online portal. When asked whether she would resume acting once again as the lucky heroine with Mohanlal, Shobana responded saying that cinema was nowhere on her mind now. When the reporter commented that Mohanlal was striving hard to become young and fit, Shobana reiterated asking what was wrong in it. Everybody does so.

There are lots of sacrifices to be done for a character. Mohanlal is hundred percent a dedicated professional. We have known him through years. This makeover might not be for just a couple of films, perhaps Mohanlal, as a person, might be enjoying this change. He might as well a concept of presenting a new version of himself to the audience who have been seeing him for many years. This is the observation of Shobana.

Shobana is highly popular in tuning her physique for performances, and she is one of the artists who have successfully experimented several makeovers on stage. Not only this, Mohanlal has associated with the actress in several stages by lending his voice for Shobana’s dance ballets.

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