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Shocking predictions and revelations on Dileep and Kammara Sambhavam. Oh! This is too much…


Dileep’s upcoming film,’Kammara Sambhavam’ would hit theatres on Vishu. As the film is getting ready for its release, shocking predictions are being heard about the future of the film. It is predicted that the film would be one of the most commercially successful films released in recent times. Not only this, it is also told that the film would be the first one 100-crore club film of Dileep.

The film which has Dileep as the hero, and has created news through its thrilling story and unique locations, would be a crucial turning point in Dileep’s life as well, predictions reveal.

When Dileep resumed his shoot of the film,’Kammara Sambhavam,’ which was left halfway due to Dileep’s arrest in association with the actress attack case, he had to re-shoot even the scenes that were shot before.
Finally, when the film is all set to hit theatres on Vishu, Dileep fans are enthralled at the sparkling predictions on the movie. It is predicted that the film would prove a lucky one for Dileep and would earn crores at the box office.

It is widely observed that if the film,’Kammara Sambhavam’ would turn out to be mega hit and follows trail of ‘Ramleela,’ one of the major hits in 2017, that itself would be history.

At the same time there was news that Dileep would have to abandon films at least for some time when the trial of the actress case, in which Dileep is the prime accused, would start shortly.

This is mainly because the trial of the case would take place in Kochi, and Dileep, the prime accused, would be required to mark his presence in the court almost every day. This would create hindrances in the shooting schedule, and moreover, moving out of Kochi for shooting wouldn’t be feasible.

However, for Dileep, who is a staunch believer of destiny, the film would prove a charm for him and would change the course of his fate. ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ would bring back the golden days of Dileep, as per predictions. Reactions to these predictions are yet to come from the film world.

Do you believe in such predictions, which are prevalent in the film world? You can comment below this article.

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