Wednesday , July 24 2019

Shocking revelations from Bhavana again!

Every Malayalee need to be proud of her..
Bhavana revealed another secrete

Bhavana shone in red and caught everyone’s attention at the engagement function of Monica, the daughter of actor and director, Lal. She had never so energetic and charming in recent times.

All eyes were set on Bhavana, who, very excitedly, participated in the Punjabi dance presented by the group comprising of Lal and his son Jean Paul Lal. Amidst the celebration, Bhavana revealed a secret to her close friends present in the occasion. She revealed that very soon she would be working as the main female lead in an action oriented movie, which would be made in five languages including Malayalam and Tamil. The film, backed by an adventurous and exciting story, would be a heroine centred one. Bhavana would be playing the central character in the film, and her superb action scenes would be the main attraction of the movie. Bhavana also disclosed the interesting matter that she was already getting trained in an item, which is a unique blend of Kung Fu and Teakwondo. She is practising this for the movie.

With being a part of the action film, Bhavana would be more fortunate than other heroines of her times in terms of getting this rare opportunity. This film which would be a unique merge of action and technology will be shot in the 8K resolution. Sources say that leading technicians of Bollywood would also be contributing to the film. Reports also claim that the film would be produced by Reliance Entertainment. There’s no information about the director or the other actors of the film.

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