Monday , January 21 2019

“Lal! I will wait for you.” The scintillating words of the style king Rajinikanth!!

Style Icon Rajinikanth waiting for Mohanlal as well!!
Rajinikanth about mohanlal

The other day, Mohanlal received an unexpected phone call from none other than the Style King Rajinikanth! Initially, Mohanlal was surprised and pleasantly shocked to receive the call, but he got very excited when he came to know the reason behind the unusual call. It is the 67th birthday of style icon Rajinikanth , who is one of the priceless phenomenon gifted to the world cinema, is on the 12th of December. The phone call was intended to invite Mohanlal to be a part of the birthday celebrations scheduled to happen in Chennai next month.

Sources claim that this is not the sole reason behind the invite. Rajinikanth would be setting his maiden step into the field of Tamil politics, and as a part of this, he would be announcing the launching of a new political party on the occasion of his birthday. Keeping this in mind, Rajinikanth would be requesting the support of selected prominent personnel from the cinema and entertainment industry, Science and Technology domain, Agriculture industry, culture, politics, and sports and has gone on to invite them to be a part of his birthday celebrations. Rajinikanth invited Mohanlal as a part of this agenda.

Reports claim that the telephonic conversation extended to around ten minutes, and the complete actor, Mohanlal, wished Rajinikanth his best wishes for the same. However, there is no confirmation on whether Mohanlal would attend the birthday celebrations on December 12th. Also, it is unclear as to who all from the Malayalam film industry were invited for the birthday celebrations. However, actor Jayaram is seemingly a part of the list of invitees. Anyway, Rajinikanth seems to follow the steps of the universal hero, Kamal Haasan, and decided to enter Tamil politics. Kamal Haasan, however, has made it clear that he has postponed his announcement on the same.

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