Friday , August 23 2019

Sunny Deol and Preity Zinta are back with Bhaiaji Superhit

Neeraj Pathak directed movie Bhaiaji Superhit collected one core in the releasing day itself. The movie was released on 23rd November 2018.The movie is noted for its casting that includes Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta Shreyas Talpade Ameesha Patel etc. In this movie Sunny Deol and Preity Zinta are acting together after an interval of ten years. Actually the project was announced eight years before and the shooting was almost over in 2015. But there were some issues regarding its release and that is why they could release it only in November 2018.

Sunny Deol who is the hero in this movie said in an interview that they were blessed to get talented artists in this movie and because of that each and every scene in this movie became perfect.

The heroine’s role is played by Peity Zinta and she recently commented that it was her first experience in a movie wearing sari from the beginning to the end. Moreover she had to learn some north India dialects since the movie is rooted in North India.

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