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Suvarna Purushan Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Sunil Puveily | Innocent, Lena


There were two films released this vacation which showcase the fondness and adulation of audience towards the superstar Mohanlal. One is the film ‘Mohanlal’ and the other is the movie ‘Suvarna Purushan’. ‘Mohanlal’ has been acclaimed as a good family entertainer and has been reported to have a good theatre collection.

About the next film ‘Suvarna Purushan,’ directed and written by Sunil Puveily, only one phrase is enough to describe the film. A film that tests the endurance of the viewers! It has to be doubted whether the film is created with the senseless intention to bank on the popularity of Mohanlal among the masses.

A film like ‘Suvarna Purushan’ can only mar the name of a great actor like Mohanlal. The film revolves around the release of Mohanlal’s blockbuster film ‘Pulimurugan’ in Mary Matha theatre at Irinjalakuda.

This film narrates the incidents that take place during the hours between the previous night of the release of ‘Pulimurugan’ to the end of its first show.

Innocent appears in the role of Rappayi, the film operator at Mary Matha theatre and Sreejith Ravi plays the role of Eenashu, the assistant of Rappayi.

Lena has portrayed the character of the owner of Mary Matha theatre. Besides them, Sasi Kalinga, Sunil Sukhada, and Anjali Ameer have also acted in the film. This film gets restricted to a storyless presentation as well as gimmicks of star adulation.

This film is somewhere between a feature film and a documentary. This proves a crisis for the film. Not only this, the majority of dialogues in the film are used to praise the ace actor Mohanlal. This is really embarrassing. The technical facet of the movie is also not up to the mark. The very average cinematography and unimpressive editing prove bad for the film without doubt.

The sings were also mediocre in the film. However, the group song by some drunken men and the devotional song of Lord Muruga in a Dravida rhythm were pleasing to the ears.

Anyway, Sajid Yahiya’s ‘Mohanlal’ is gaining applause whereas, ‘Suvarna Purushan’ a film made upon the adulation of Mohanlal disappoints the audience to a great extent. Nothing more to comment on the film.

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