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The Great Father in Telugu! Mammootty responds to Venkatesh’s queries..

Mammootty is all smiles before a dumbfounded Venkatesh!
Mammooty with Venkatesh for The great father in Telugu

The first 50-crore Mammootty film, The Great Father, is a film which ensures a powerful second coming of Mammootty. The Great Father, which had a record collection in Kerala on the first day itself, has gained lot of appreciation due to the uniqueness of the subject and presentation. Mammootty portrays the role of a father who goes out to seek revenge from the rapists who had raped his little daughter. The powerful look of Mammootty and the strong concept would gift the viewers with a different experience.

The film, The Great Father, directed by Haneef Adeni, would be re-made in other languages as well. In the Telugu version of the film, the main role would be played by the Telugu super star, Venkatesh. As far as Venkatesh is concerned, he got really inspired by the film and the character of David Nainan handled by Mammootty. That’s why he decided to do the film. He got into a different state of mind after watching the movie, he said. Venkayesh also reveals that he called up Mammootty over phone and he had only one question for Mammootty. He asked Mammooty how was it possible for Mammootty to present David Nainan with such a shine and positive demeanour. Mammootty responded to the question with a loud laugh and wished Venkatesh all the very best for the film.

Venkatesh was all words about the Mammootty film which mesmerised him to a great extent. He was telling this in an interview given to a Telugu film magazine.

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