Thursday , February 21 2019

The initial comment from Pranav Mohanlal after returning from the Himalayas is just awesome!!

Kunjettan resumes his work after returning from the Himalayas..

Latest reports claim that Pranav Mohanlal, who had gone on an adventurous trip to the Himalayas, without waiting for the release and success of his debut film, Aadhi, has returned to Delhi after successfully completing his trip. This news has been let out by a popular news portal today. Reports state that he would go to Mohanlal after taking rest for a while, and then, return to Kerala. After Pranav’s return, there are many programs scheduled here in order to celebrate the success of Aadhi.

It seems that Pranav has expressed his extreme happiness over the success of his debut film, Aadhi, and also, thanked one and all who had laid their trust on him and stood beside him. Pranav says that the Himalayan trip was exuberant, and with a smile, adds that there are many trips to be undertaken shortly.
While talking to the news portal, Pranav said that he has not yet decided on any future projects. However, as a parting note, he said that he would inform and update any sort of progress on the same.
At the same time, the website of a popular daily has also reported about the return of Pranav from the Himalayas. It is however confirmed that in the forthcoming days, all the channels and social media network would be flooding with the reviews and feedback of Aadhi.

How do you rate the acting performance of Pranav Mohanlal as he immortalises the character of Aadithya Mohan aka Aadhi in the film?
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